Benefits of Using Natural Cosmetics

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For a few years, the interest in consuming natural and sustainable products has been growing exponentially. Each person has their own reasons for, be they social, ethical, environmental, economic or health related.

Whatever the reasons, from cosmolive we want to offer everyone the opportunity and choice to consume natural cosmetics. We have several reasons for doing this, and if someone has entered this blog it is because they have some interest in this type of product. For this reason, we are going to develop here some of the reasons why switching to the world of natural cosmetics is the most beneficial:

Traditional cosmetic products are full of very toxic chemicals for our body and skin. Many studies link these substances with a huge number of diseases, allergies and cancer. More cosmetics than we think are composed of these substances, including some that we consider innocuous and use on a daily basis, such as toothpaste, gel, shampoo, softeners and countless more. Much of this danger is that people who do not have a background in chemistry are not able to analyze the components on the label.

Absence Of Toxic Chemical Components

We know that it is difficult to be aware of all the effects of these products on our body, and many times we do not want to worry too much, but knowledge is the solution and what makes you start looking for less harmful alternatives. And this is where natural cosmetics come into play. The use of ingredients of natural origin such as vegetable oils, clay and many others is much less harmful to the body and will cause short and long term changes in the user. And if you think not, try it yourself or yourself, and see the results.

Price Matter

We are used to most healthy or ethical alternatives to commercial products having the highest price. Well, that is not the case with natural cosmetics. At first thought we can reach that conclusion, but if we analyze the situation a little deeper, we see that, really, the cost of natural ingredients is very low.

Essential oils are very cheap products, like clay, costing around six euros a kilo. A kilo of clay is a very respectable amount that gives you many personal care sessions, much more than an industrial alternative. Vegetable oils are incredibly good for the skin, they have been a natural remedy for many years, and they have not stopped being so because other products appear. We also have that they are not expensive products and we have a great combination.

And yes, it is true that daily use products, such as moisturizing creams and toothpaste, are cheaper than natural products, but the ingredients of these are usually petroleum derivatives that are very harmful to health, such as paraffin, a component present in most cheap moisturizers and quite extreme for the skin. In the world of cosmetics, the best ingredients are usually reserved for pharmaceutical use and luxury cosmetics from big brands, and we all know the price that these products can cost. In these cases, natural cosmetics are presented as a much cheaper alternative and with the same cosmetic value, if not greater.

It's not just health

Natural and organic products, apart from being much healthier than industrial ones, promote fair trade, aware of the rights of workers and the environment, so by consuming these products, you also promote it. People who care about producing quality products instead of making cheaper and commercial alternatives are involved and ethical people, who share values with their consumers, who fight to get an adequate price for their products, not to pollute and contribute to major environmental problems in the world and, above all, by its consumers, hoping that they obtain quality products that are not manufactured on bases such as animal abuse and the ozone hole.

In short, these are our reasons for believing that natural cosmetics should have a place in your life. The world is changing for the better, people are becoming more and more aware of social causes, and are becoming more concerned about consuming in an ethical and sustainable way. So, after all this information that we have just given, you decide. If you want to start a change in the way you consume, starting to use natural cosmetics is a very good way to do it. We invite you to take a look at our Cosm productsolive with natural 100% materials.

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